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Recording Studio's Mixing Board and Computer, Sound Engineering in Atlanta, GA

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Enrich your music with the recording services and music writing skills provided by BWB Recording. Our professional touch renders your music ready for airtime.

A Legendary Talent

Learn about the man behind the talent. Charles Greer is an industry veteran and his skill has shaped the careers of numerous respected artists spanning more than 30 years. Read his biography now!


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Memberships/Associations: American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)  &  BMI Broadcast Music, Inc.

Exclusively Promotional

Welcome to BWB Recording, We are proud to present to you a brief summary of our offerings. BWB is a business providing comfort in pre and postproduction.

"BWB Recording  is our company name taken from our last names Brightwell & Butts (Gary Brightwell and Barry Butts. Gary Brightwell the founder of BWB, Barry Butts is now the CEO of BWB.

We are proud to present this information package on some of the Artists BWB has to offer. BWB Recording services a variety of musical styles from bee bop to hip-hop and more. Pictures of the BWB Production Team listed are included in this information package.

BWB has previously offered Showcases under the name “Southside Entertainment”, Southside Entertainment performed Live at the "CROWE'S NEST, CLUB 20 GRAND, THE FROZEN PALACE (formerly THE BRIDGE) and several times at the MASQUERADE". Southside Entertainment received great responses from the performances.

With positive Showcases from Southside Entertainment, (BWB) knew that it was time to rise to the next level in supporting each other’s goals in any way needed. Gary Brightwell (BMI) and Barry Butts (ASCAP) have been blessed to maintain the studio for 13 years. BWB is on a mission with our team trying to fulfill a dream.

BWB would like to become a subsidiary of a major label with publishing and distribution rights since it appears we can generate a huge revenue in years to come. Atlanta has proven to us the talent is here and here to stay.

Our Demos are samples that let you know that BWB's doors are open for various styles of music such as Rap, R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Gospel and more.

BWB has demo CDs' entitled "Electric Storm Vol. 1" and "Electric Storm Vol. 2". In August 2001 a song from one of the CDs called "2000 FUNK" was selected in a Silicone Valley Computer Training commercial jingle on V103 Radio Station.

Please examine and evaluate the CDs at your earliest convenience for sales, publishing, and distribution. BWB would love to see one or two of the groups become an opening act for some of the famous groups here in the ATL.

Much can be said, should your company find any of the compositions suitable with some
degree of potential, please contact us at (877) 756-7542 or e-mail address
We appreciate your assistance and guidance in this matter.
Respectively yours,
BWB Recording Studio


About Us

Ensure your music receives the attention it deserves with sound engineering at BWB Recording, the reputable production studio in Atlanta, Georgia.
Since 1975, our primary passion has been crafting and honing the music born from talented writers. We have a keen interest in writing and composing gospel and R&B, though our skills with other genres are virtually unlimited. Working closely with Atlantic Records pioneer Charles Greer, BWB Recording has fostered artists for more than three decades and looks to a positive future in the music industry.